Serur's Antique Rugs

Antique Heriz silk rug #216

Late 19th century, 4'1"x5'4"
All natural silk, approx. 500 kpsi
Very good condition

Unique stunning piece.

Heriz rug
Heriz rug
antique Heriz silk rug
Heriz rug
Heriz rug

Persian Heriz Rugs for Sale

Heriz rug

Vintage Persian Heriz rug #224

Circa 1960, 9'7"x6'7"
Very good condition

What distinguishes this carpet are the alternating beautiful colors, especially the deep blue and bright ivory

Antique Persian Serapi rug #294

Last quarter 19th century, 12'x8'6"
Low even pile, some wear in two corners and minor spots of wear in the field

Looking for a Persian Heriz rug or a Serapi rug? 

We specialize in Heriz Serapi rugs. Let us know what type of Heriz rug or Serapi rug you are looking for.

Heriz rug

Antique Persian Serapi rug #201

Late 19th century, 13'x10'
Very good condition

The pictures do not do justice to this magnificent Serapi carpet and cannot convey its stately character. 

Vintage Persian Heriz rug #289

Circa 1950s, 10'4"x8'
Very good condition; good pile, missing couple rows at the ends.

A gorgeous Heriz rug distinguished by antique mellow colors.

Persian Heriz rug collection 

We offer a handpicked selection of antique and vintage Persian Heriz rugs and Serapi rugs for sale by owners at unbeatable prices. More Heriz and Serapi rugs can be found in our full gallery.

Persian Heriz rug #359

New, 10'x8', full thick pile.


A beautiful Heriz rug of bold design and rich colors.

Vintage Persian Heriz rug #288

Cerca 1970, 9'9"x9'5"
Very good condition; good pile, missing couple rows at ends.

A classic Heriz rug 

Vintage Persian Heriz rug #291

Circa 1980, 9'3"x13'4"
Very good condition; small sections of the edges could benefit from reselvedging .

Semi-antique Persian Heriz rug #325

Circa 1950, 13'x9'10"
Excellent condition, beautiful old colors

Heriz rug
Heriz rug