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Tips on Oriental rug appraisals 

          1. Avoid appraisers who seek ulterior business, such as consignment or restoration. 

          2. Most rug appraisals estimate only the rug's replacement value, not its resale value. The                        rug's replacement value is useful for insurance or legal purposes. Its resale value tells you                    how much you can realistically sell it for yourself.

At Serur's Antique Rugs, we run a marketplace for privately owned Oriental rugs. This gives us unique expertise to appraise both the replacement and resale value of your Oriental rug.

How we appraise your Oriental rug

We examine several factors:
          1. Quality and Craftsmanship. We assess in particular the quality of the wool, dyes, and weave.
          2. Condition. We inspect areas of wear and fraying, stains, color run, and discoloration.
          3. Style. Antique rugs that fit the fashion of the day are appraised higher, while rugs that are                    out of fashion have lower value (see 
Washington Post article).
          4. Size. Normally, larger Oriental rugs are more expensive. However, carpets of uncommon                      size may be appraised lower.
          5. Colors. Natural dyes are preferred by collectors over synthetic 
dyes and appraised higher. 
          6. Age. Age by itself does not increase the value of an Oriental rug. The valuable rugs are                        those that age well, acquiring a luxurious patina and harmonious colors.

Oriental Rug Appraisal

Persian rug appraisal

Is it worth appraising your Oriental rug?  

Obviously, you may need a rug appraisal for insurance or legal purposes. A rug appraisal can also be worthwhile for your personal knowledge or to help you price the rug in case you are considering selling it. A reputable rug appraisal can also help you sell your rug, because it provides assurances to the prospective buyer. 

We appraise Oriental rugs

​​As a leading marketplace for privately owned Oriental rugs, Serur's Antique Rugs is uniquely placed to appraise both the insurance value and the resale value of your Oriental rug. Reviews

To appraise your Oriental rug

Simply submit the  request for appraisal, Provide a few pictures and any information you have about the rug. We will respond within 24 hours.

How much is an Oriental rug worth?

The Oriental rug business thrives on making people believe that Oriental rugs keep their value, or even increase in value, over time. But the fact is, like most other goods, the resale value of an Oriental rug is almost always significantly lower than its original retail price. To be clear, the  resale value itself can rise over time if the rug becomes collectible or vintage, but it takes many years before it recovers the original retail price.         

Our appraisal services

Our fee for a standard written appraisal is $45. This includes:

          1. A detailed assessment of the rug's origin, age, condition, quality and style;

          2. An estimate of the replacement value of the rug for insurance purposes; 

          3. A separate estimate of the resale value of the rug; and

          4. Advice for selling or keeping the rug if needed.

We provide a customized service. All the rug appraisals are handled by experts with over ten years of experience, and are completed within 3 to 5 days. ​

we provide professional persian rug appraisals online by expert appraisers