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​​​Tips for buying an Oriental rug

1. Should you buy a new or a vintage Oriental rug? 

Without any question, in terms of value for the buck, buying a vintage Oriental rug from a private owner will be a much better deal. True, a new rug looks fresh out of the mill. But this will last for only about six months. A vintage rug of good quality shows its true character and beauty, as the colors lose their harshness with time. 

Thank you so much for the rug you helped us purchase. We love it.       

              Jim and gd daughter Talia


2. What to watch for when buying an Oriental rug 

Particular attention should be given to the quality of the material and craftsmanship, and the condition of the rug. How fine the weave is determines how fine the detail is and how much labor went in the rug. But it does not determine the beauty of the rug. For vintage and antique Oriental rugs, it is beauty that matters. 

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