How to sell your Oriental rug​​

Run an ad 

This may be a good option for selling a relatively cheap Oriental rug. Buyers of high-end antique rugs are not likely to sift through online sites swamped by dealers and pieces of low quality. .

Selling ​​an antique Oriental rug is not straightforward. You need to reach the right audience, provide assurances to wary buyers, and advertise your rug. Where you sell your rug and how you sell it can therefore make a big difference.

​​Sell your rug in an auction

This allows you to reach many potential buyers at once. But note that auction-houses  charge you and the buyer separate commissions, as well as various handling fees. In the end, 40-50% of your rug's value will go to the auction.  

Selling An Antique Oriental Rug

Should you professionally clean your Oriental rug before selling it?

​​A professional wash is worthwhile before selling your rug if it is particularly dirty or it has a stain and the cleaner assures you it will come out. Otherwise, a gentle vacuum first of the back and then the front working in the direction of the pile should suffice. 

Sell your antique rug to us

We are an association of private buyers and collectors of antique Oriental rugs. If we do not buy your rug upfront, we advertise it among our members for a minimal 5% commission if and when the rug is sold. There are no handling or shipping fees. We will match antique dealers' and auctions' estimates and forego all their fees and commissions. 

Where to sell an Oriental rug​​

Sell your Oriental rug to a rug dealer

This can be expeditious, but you will get only a fraction of your rug's worth. Alternatively, antique dealers may offer to take your rug on consignment. Typically, whatever agreement you start with, you will end up paying around 40% in commission, as is standard in consignment stores. 

What is your Oriental rug's worth?

Private owners are often disappointed by the resale value of their rugs. Sometimes, this is because they believed their Oriental rug was a good investment, and sometimes this is because they had an appraisal from an antique dealer which claimed their rug was worth a lot more. The reality is, selling an oriental rug is no different than reselling furniture, and you will have to offer as large a discount to sell your rug as you would to sell your furniture. 

Should you do repairs before selling your antique rug?

We strongly recommend to seek an independent appraisal of your Oriental rug's resale value (not its replacement or insurance value) before doing any restoration. Some repairs can actually reduce your rug's value. If an antique dealer suggests that your old Oriental rug is worth thousands of dollars  provided it is restored, ask them if they would buy it from you for half that price.