Serur's Antique Rugs is an internationally recognized marketplace among antique dealers for trading and appraising fine antique and vintage Orientals rugs. All the rugs on sale are vetted and appraised by experts to ensure high quality and fair valuation.

We deal in the full spectrum of rugs across origin and age, from contemporary to antique, and serve all locations across the globe. We bring together a passion and deep knowledge of Oriental rugs, the expertise to appraise antique rugs at their fair market value, and the know-how to find you the perfect rug for your home or office at the lowest possible cost.

Our rugs are intended not just to match your interior décor, but to create a beautiful, inviting, and intimate atmosphere that fulfils your vision.  

Serur's team is made of art enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for decorative arts and design. Gabriel Srour, the founder of Serur's, began collecting antique rugs since 1975. He's traveled widely, and lectured extensively in different fields. He holds a PhD in economics from Princeton University.

​​Our mission is to enable private parties to buy and sell fine Persian and Oriental rugs among each other, while guaranteeing quality and value.

                                                                                                                     Gabriel Srour