Persian Silk Rugs

A fine Persian silk rug, placed for instance under a small table with a nice porcelain or between two chairs, can be a stunning objet d'art, and could literally highlight an interior. Perhaps this is the main difference with wool rugs, in that the latter are more functional, whereas silk rugs are more for exhibition.

The present times are very propitious for acquiring a vintage Oriental silk rug or, better yet, an antique Persian silk rug if you come across one. Because there is an ongoing shift in tastes and the younger generation has not yet caught on, these rugs are highly underestimated in the current market and a great buy today. The silk rugs we have in our gallery would normally cost three or four times over. In addition, because these rugs were usually handled with extra care by their owner and never stepped on, they often are in mint condition. 

Each rug should be assessed on its own merit. But generally speaking, Persian silk rugs are the best. If you decide to purchase one, make sure the whole rug is in silk and not just the pile, and the rug has 400 kpsi or more. Among antique Persian rugs (100 years or older), established centers such as Kashan, Tabriz, Ispahan, and Heriz in this order of rarity produced beautiful silk rugs. Among more recent rugs, Ispahan and Qum have produced the finest quality.‚Äč

January 19, 2018