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Oriental rugs

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Visit our Gallery and our guide for buying Persian rugs.

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Your savings with us will be substantial. 

We appraise the replacement and market value of Oriental rugs.

Learn about antique Persian, Heriz, Serapi, Bidjar, Oushak, Ispahan, Kashan, Tabriz rugs.

Decorating with Oriental rugs 

Oriental rugs online
decorating with Oriental rugs

We buy sell Persian rugs, Heriz Serapi, Oushak carpets, Caucasian rugs, and Chinese carpets, wool or silk.

decorating with oriental rugs 

Antique persian rug

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Looking for a Serapi rug?

We sell Serapi rugs.

See tips for selling or buying a Persian rug.  

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We sell Heriz rugs.

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Antique carpets adorned the humblest dwellings as well as kings' palaces. The best pieces are coveted by collectors around the world. 

Consult with our experts for decorating with Oriental rugs

Antique rug buyers

We buy antique Persian Heriz Serapi rugs, Bidjar, Kashan, Tabriz, Ispahan, Sultanabad, Oushak carpets, tribal Turkoman rugs, Caucasian Kazak, Shirvan, Karabagh. 

Discounted shipping in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Dallas, Houston.

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To sell your Oriental Persian rug

Simply submit thcontact form with detail about the rug you wish to sell. 

We will respond within 3 days and make you an offer if interested.

Our offers top dealers, stores, and auctions by 25-50%.

Serur's Antique Rugs

​​Our mission is to enable private parties to buy and sell fine Persian and Oriental rugs directly at great prices, while guaranteeing quality, value, and security.                                                                                                                   

Tips for decorating with Oriental rugs

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