How we appraise your Oriental rug

We examine several factors to determine the value of your Oriental rug:

  1. 1. Quality and Craftsmanship. We assess in particular the quality of the wool, dyes, and weave.
  2. 2. Condition. We inspect areas of wear and fraying, stains, color run, and discoloration.
  3. 3. Style. Antique rugs that fit the fashion of the day are appraised higher, while rugs that are out of fashion have lower value (see Washington Post article).
  4. 4. Size. Normally the larger an Oriental rug is, the higher its value. However, carpets of uncommon size may be appraised lower.
  5. 5. Color. Natural dyes are preferred by collectors over synthetic dyes and appraised higher.
  6. 6. Age. Age by itself does not increase the appraisal of an Oriental rug. The valuable rugs are those that acquire a luxurious patina and harmonious colors.

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We appraise kerman sarouk heriz serapi bidjar qum caucasian persian rugs

Other appraisals of Persian rugs in the market

Other appraisers of Persian rugs estimate only the replacement value of your rug. While appropriate for insurance purposes, these appraisals can be very misleading when it comes to selling your rug. At Serur's Antique Rugs, we buy and sell Persian rugs on a daily basis and we run a marketplace for privately owned Oriental rugs. This gives us unique expertise to appraise both the replacement and resale value of your Oriental rug.

Oriental Rug Appraisal

How much is your Oriental rug worth?

The Oriental rug business thrives on making people believe that Oriental rugs keep their value, or even increase in value, over time. To be clear, we personally believe that antique rugs are underestimated as a form of art. Indeed, the sale value of rare museum carpets is catching up with other art forms. But the fact is, like most other goods, the resale value of a new Oriental rug is often much lower than its original price.

We appraise Persian Oriental rugs

As the leading marketplace for Oriental rugs, Serur's Antique Rugs is uniquely placed to appraise both the insurance value and the resale value of your Oriental rug. Reviews

To appraise your Oriental rug

Simply contact us, Provide a few pictures and any information you have about the rug. 

Our Appraisal Services

Our fee for a standard written appraisal is $45. This includes:

          1. An assessment of the origin of the rug, its age, condition, quality and style;

          2. An estimate of the replacement value of the rug for insurance purposes; and 

          3. A separate estimate of the resale value of the rug.

All the appraisals are handled by Oriental rugs experts with over ten years of experience, and are completed within 3 to 5 days. ​

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